Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Select a travel destination, dates and search. Its that easy.
  2. Filter for your preference and and select the best flight for you.
  3. Add travel products like insurances or flexible dates.
  4. Select your preferred payment method.
  5. You have now successfully made a booking.
  6. Follow the same flow to book hotels and cars with Travelstart.

You will receive a booking confirmation after you have successfully made a booking.

Once your payment has been successfully completed you will receive an E-ticket from Travelstart.

Your E-ticket is a final confirmation of your Booking.

Within your account you are able to resend your e-ticket to yourself.

On Flapp you can view your e-ticket with an option to also re-send your e-ticket to yourself.

To cancel a pending booking please email [email protected] On Flapp select the option to cancel booking and an email will be populated and sent to [email protected]

If you opted for Cash or EFT payment, it will cancel itself automatically after time.

Non stop flight gets you to where with no stops along the way.

Direct flights, despite the name, will also take you to your destination, but may a stop elsewhere in between without you having to leave the airplane.

A flight with a connection means you will need to leave the airplane to get onto another airplane until you get to your destination

Any connections offered by Travelstart, is guaranteed by the airline that you are being offered enough time to connect from one flight to another.

Distances between gates differ vastly from airport to airport. It is your responsibility to arrive at the gates on time.

But wait what if you booked two or more separate tickets?

Then the airline will not guarantee that the connection times are sufficient, or that you will be taken care off in the case of the delay.

Yes, you can. Just book a multi city flight on our website or app. Ensure you have the right visa for all stop overs.

Absolutely, using our multi city feature on both web and App. Select all of your departure and returning cities and date, then search, filter and select the best flight for you. If you need assistance, you can Contact Us.

Unfortunately you cannot book an "around the world" ticket on our website or app. Please Contact Us to speak to an expert.

This is not possible on our website or app. Please Contact Us to book with an expert.

Please contact the airline directly to book a ticket for an unaccompanied child as we are not permitted to make these reservations.

The price difference for children is always airline dependant. Generally one can expect to pay about 25% less off the base fare of an adult price.

Children under the age of 2 usually do not get their own seat. To make a request for a baby basket, Contact Us to process this request.

A service fee will apply to process this request.

Unfortunately we cannot help you redeem your Airmiles.

To redeem Airmiles please book directly with the airline.

You can gain Airmiles credit when you book with us, be sure to add your frequent flyer number to your booking.

To add your frequent flyer number to your booking, please Contact Us or send through an email with your booking reference to [email protected] You can also add your Frequent Flyer number directly on the website.

If you require a tax invoice, please send through a VAT invoice request to [email protected] with your Travelstart booking reference and we will forward the invoice to you.

If you made your booking through Flapp, please login to Flapp, pull up your booking, select "Request invoice" (a pre-formatted email will be sent to [email protected]).

For any queries regarding your booking send through an email with your booking reference to [email protected]

Travel extras that we offer will differ from flight to flight. Please click here to see a full list of our offerings.

To increase your baggage allowance, you can do this directly on the airline's website by using your check-in/airline reference displayed on your e-ticket.

Please Contact Us and we will assist you at no additional charge.

Certain airlines may request to see the credit card that was used to pay for the booking at check-in in order to avoid possible fraud.

With pleasure! Our travel experts will be happy to assist you with your booking. Simply Contact Us.